Like the Library of Congress Linker, the bibcat.linker.geonames submodule connects to the Geonames API and returns an IRI and label. Before you can use this API, you'll need to register for an account at the login page.

To use bibcat.linker.geonames submodule, first import, then we'll test with some common place names and see what is returned.

>>> import bibcat.linkers.geonames as geonames
>>> denver_iri = geonames.link_iri("Denver", "your-user-name")
{'adminCode1': 'CO', 'lng': '-104.9847', 'geonameId': 5419384, 
'toponymName': 'Denver', 'countryId': '6252001', 'fcl': 'P', 
'population': 682545, 'countryCode': 'US', 'name': 'Denver', 
'fclName': 'city, village,...', 'countryName': 'United States', 
'fcodeName': 'seat of a first-order administrative division',
 'adminName1': 'Colorado', 'lat': '39.73915', 'fcode': 'PPLA'}
>>> denver_iri

The geonames works great for unique geographical names, the difficultly with using this API is that it expects specific formats to distinguish between different places with the same name and your incoming data may not be in the expected format.

>>> geonames.link_iri("Springfield", "jermnelson")
{'adminCode1': 'IL', 'lng': '-89.64371', 'geonameId': 4250542, 
'toponymName': 'Springfield', 'countryId': '6252001', 
'fcl': 'P', 'population': 116565, 'countryCode': 'US', 
'name': 'Springfield', 'fclName': 'city, village,...', 
'countryName': 'United States', 'fcodeName': 'seat of a first-order administrative division',
 'adminName1': 'Illinois', 'lat': '39.80172', 'fcode': 'PPLA'}
>>> geonames.link_iri("Springfield, MA", "jermnelson")
{'adminCode1': 'MA', 'lng': '-72.58981', 'geonameId': 4951788, 
'toponymName': 'Springfield', 'countryId': '6252001', 
'fcl': 'P', 'population': 154341, 'countryCode': 'US',
 'name': 'Springfield', 'fclName': 'city, village,...',
 'countryName': 'United States', 'fcodeName': 'populated place', 
'adminName1': 'Massachusetts', 'lat': '42.10148', 'fcode': 'PPL'}

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