BIBCAT Information

BIBCAT is an open-source middleware technology for managing BIBFRAME RDF data and is sponsored and supported by BIBCAT typically is part of a larger digital library or catalog project. The source code repository is hosted on Github at An introduction to bibcat provides an overview on installing, basic functionality, and how RDF Mapping Language (rml) is used for input/output of data into a triplestore.


Development of BIBCAT started in 2014 when the Library of Congress issued an RFQ for a BIBFRAME "search and display" system to highlight BIBFRAME. Aaron Schmidt of Influx Library User Interface Design and Jeremy Nelson were awarded the contract with the Library of Congress that with the additional of Mike Stabile, resulted in the iteration of BIBCAT - a BIBFRAME Catalog - a lightweight catalog web application that uses the backend BIBFRAME 1.0 Datastore.

Example Projects

Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries

Colorado Alliance BIBCAT Pilot

Blazegraph Triplestore, RDF Framework, BIBCAT

Using selected MARC records from Colorado College and the University of Colorado Boulder that were generated from the Alliance's Gold Rush comparison service and the Library of Congress marc2bibframe2 project, these MARC records and converted into BIBFRAME 2.0 RDF and stored in a RDF triplestore. The RDF Linked Library data is published to the web as JSON-LD for indexing by Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Source Code Repository Live Application - DPLA Service Hub for Colorado/Wyoming
Blazegraph Triplestore, RDF Framework, BIBCAT

A State Library of Colorado sponsored effort to aggregate the metadata from across different libraries and museums in Colorado and Wyoming and provide a JSON-LD DPLA Map v4 feed to DP.LA.

Source Code Repository Live Application